Justin Time Records: A Quarter Century (and counting) of Recordings


As the old expression goes, "Time flies when you're having fun." Well, time has sure flown by. Thirty-five years of some really outstanding recording sessions and over 375 total productions. It's interesting to note that our first three signings - Oliver Jones, Ranee Lee, and the Montreal Jubilation Choir [arranged and conducted by Trevor W. Payne] - are all still recording with us today. We are very proud of this fact, and, on a personal level, I'm extremely pleased to consider them all wonderful friends.


We're also proud to have worked with some of the greatest musical talent in the world: the late great Oscar Peterson, David Murray, Dave Van Ronk, Paul Bley, Kenny Wheeler, Rob McConnell, Carmen Lundy, Jimmy Rowles, Sonny Greenwich, Bryan Lee, Diana Krall, Hank Jones, D.D. Jackson, Hamiet Bluiett, Billy Bang, Fontella Bass, Susie Arioli, World Saxophone Quartet, Frank Marino and David Clayton-Thomas - and this is by no means an exhaustive list, nor does it address the thousands of featured artists on our many recording sessions.


In order to make all of these great recordings and market them to the public at large you need a wonderful team. First and foremost you need a group of folks who love and understand music. We are very fortunate to have a number of people with these qualities. Nancy Marley is someone who has been there since virtually the label's inception and is an invaluable asset, as are publicists Simon Fauteux in Quebec, Jane Harbury in Toronto, and Nelly Dimitrova, heading up our publishing and licensing department.


On the technical side of things, we have used the services of many recording engineers, mastering engineers, and recording technicians over the years. Bill Szawlowski, Ian Terry, Jim Anderson, Jim Czak, Renée-Marc Aurèle and many others. Hopefully great sound will continue to be an integral part of all future recordings.


There is a huge network of people that help in the promotion and marketing of every recording. It is indeed teamwork that is required. From publicists, to record trackers, festival organizers, jazz clubs, retailers, managers, agents, radio broadcasters, critics, and all forms of media, all the funding programs that are available in Canada, and last, but certainly not least, all those wonderfully talented artists. We could not do this without you.


At the local level, we must praise the wonderful network of Jazz Festivals and societies throughout Canada. If we were to single out one festival in particular that has had a major impact on our success, that would be without a doubt the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal. Alain Simard and André Ménard, along with their wonderful team, have managed to organize year after year one of the largest and best jazz festivals in the world. Congratulations, and thank you for all your support.


On the international front, and in well over thirty countries, we thank each partner for all the work they do in their respective countries, helping to promote our productions to new audiences.


Even though our industry is going through significant changes in the way music is both produced and consumed, the fact remains that that people want great music and we want to continue providing that for many years to come.

Justin Time Records Inc.



Jim West - President

Nancy Marley - General Manager

Simon Fauteux -SIX Media Marketing- Press and Publicity (Québec)

Film & TV Licensing Inquiries
Andrea Dyck


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