Adam Karch

Adam Karch grew up on a farm in L'Acadie, a small town in province of Quebec. Music was an important part of his childhood, as the stereo was always alive and his older brother had a band of his own. Adam was fascinated by guitars; his father bought him a left-handed acoustic guitar and Adam began studying the styles of Jeff Healey and Stevie Ray Vaughan, acquiring books of guitar transcriptions and slaving over them for long hours.

At age 15, he was playing the circuit in make-shift bar bands, showing an unusual talent for those settings. Adam did not only reveal his power as a guitarist, but also a strong, distinguished vocalist. The kid from L'Acadie was stunning audiences with his mature voice and guitar cries that echoed far beyond his years.

At age 18, he was touring Germany, playing with Jeff Healey. Suddenly, the youngster who had laboured to learn Jeff Healey's repertoire was playing on the same stage with him! Festival organizers began to pay attention to this young guitar sensation and the bookings began. He played the Montreal Jazz festival, Rimouski Sherbrooke Blues Festival, Medley Blues, St. Hyacinth, Trois Rivieres, and Mont Tremblant.

Adam found himself playing with Coco Montoya, the legendary L.A. guitarist, he found himself center stage with Colin James ? suddenly, hard work and dreams turned into a spirited limelight. Adam's sound is pure energy; somewhere amid blues, rock, and country. Preserving a deep, almost dramatic respect for each one of these styles, he found a sound that is simply Adam Karch, the artist. His style fuses the characteristics and the spirit of Americana.