Beau Kavanagh And The Broken Hearted

Beau Kavanagh and the Broken Hearted is the freshest Blues band to come out of Canada in many years. The young Montreal power trio consists of Beau Kavanagh on guitar and vocals, Marc Durocher on bass, and Matt Lavender on drums. Their sound is pure energy. The band has been perfecting their skills as a unit for the past seven years. The group originally started off as an alternative rock outfit, but then they fell under the spell of the Blues.

Since that day, their scope on music has changed and is now blue and true. Kavanagh and company played all the standards, from Waters to Hendrix and beyond. After becoming more comfortable with the genre, Beau picked up the pen and began to compose and write his own material. Writing blues came naturally for the young guitar slinger. All of which can be heard on their debut release Vibra King Blues. The name of their album used to be the name of the band.

Beau Kavanagh and the Broken Hearted played the Montreal Blues scene for many years as The Vibra Kings. Upon signing their record contract with Justin Time Records, the band and the label discovered that another Vibra Kings already existed. After some deliberation, the group settled on Beau Kavanagh and the Broken Hearted.