Brent Johnson

Set The World On Fire is Brent Johnson's debut release - and along with his band The Call Up it also features Grammy Award winning blues guitarist Alvin Youngblood Hart and guitar virtuoso Sonny Landreth. STWOF - is a tour de force, steeped in the deepest blues traditions. New Orleans based guitarist extraordinaire Johnson has been honing his chops touring internationally with Bryan Lee's Blues Power Band for the past eight years.

Though his sound is rooted in the blues - he is not a purist in the sense that he writes his own songs - and as a songwriter - his music is based on his own experiences, " I write music based on my experiences and the sounds I grew up with...I never want to pretend that I had the same experience as the old Bluesmen did - so I'm not going to try to sound like them. What I do is put the emphasis on the feeling of the music, the passion, the urgency, the direction - that's the goal!"