Clifton Chenier

Clifton Chenier was the king of zydeco music. By mixing Cajun with blues, R&B and rock & roll, Chenier helped introduce zydeco to the pop music realm. Chenier was obviously proud of his heritage and confident of his musicianship. As King, he wore a showy velvet crown on stage, playing piano accordion and singing in English and patois French.

The other swampland spice in the band's gumbo of musical styles was the rub board, a corrugated metal vest which Clifton's older brother Cleveland scrubbed with bottle openers. Rounding out the band was guitarist Paul Senecal, tenor sax player Blind John Hart, bassist Joe Brouchet and drummer Robert Peters. This lineup had been together for several years and was part of Clifton Chenier's most celebrated recordings. Though he died in 1987 at the age of 62, Clifton Chenier's joyous music lives on through his recordings.