Doxas Brothers

The Doxas Brothers' music is a reflection of their shared history, musical exploration, and profound connection as siblings. Their quartet combines their individual talents and their ability to push boundaries, resulting in a sound that is distinctly their own. On their latest album, Kindred, Jim and Chet delve deeper into exploring their musical bond by presenting eight new pieces by each of the group’s members as well as one of their favorite ballads. Building on the theme of family connection and history from their previous release, The Circle, their new album encapsulates the growth of this rare partnership in a group whose bonds extend much further than music.

 The Doxas Brothers, Jim and Chet, have been immersed in music since a young age, growing up in a household filled with sound. Their exposure to their father conducting choirs in the living room, hosting jam sessions and recording albums in their home studio sparked their own musical journeys.

 During their teenage years, Jim and Chet began performing regularly in nightclubs, a decision that initially took a little bit of parental convincing. They had the opportunity to be part of the vibrant music scene in Montreal, playing in various settings such as dance bands, rock 'n' roll clubs, society parties, radio shows, and even burlesque reviews; it was the last of the good old days in Montreal.

As their paths progressed, Jim and Chet’s reputation began to spread and they had the privilege of touring worldwide with renowned jazz musicians including Carla Bley, Oliver Jones, Dave Douglas, John Abercrombie, Steve Swallow, Joe Lovano, and many others.

 While Jim and Chet have performed together countless times in different contexts, their current project, The Doxas Brothers, showcases their shared vision within a quartet. Joining them is bassist Adrian Vedady, who has a longstanding association with both brothers. Jim and Adrian have been performing together every Monday night at Upstairs Jazz Bar in Montreal for the past decade, cultivating a musical bond that is distinctive, adventurous, sensitive, and fresh.

 Completing the quartet is pianist Marc Copland, who was an obvious choice due to his renowned crystalline sound and his ability to explore and discover subtleties in music. Marc, Jim, and Adrian have already collaborated as a trio over the past several years, and with the addition of Chet on saxophone, they form The Doxas Brothers—a band with deep roots and a unique group sound that incorporates their collective experiences