Halie Loren

Authenticity and connection have been essential roots of the artistic growth of Halie Loren. Whether injecting the American Songbook with old-school soul, or finding a familiar thread of nostalgia in newly-penned originals, the Alaskan-born, award-winning singer/songwriter continues to find new ways to bridge cultures and musical genres.

Halie Loren is truly an international artist. Like her multi-lingual recordings that transcend cultural borders, her art transcends musical genres via a common thread that weaves a rich tapestry. That tapestry connects her original works with pop-smart jazz, flowing into blues, soul and contemporary compositions that are universal, yet deeply personal.

“For the past few years, I have felt more and more drawn to the idea of putting my songwriter self out there in a much bigger way, as a 100% personal form of expression,” explains Loren. “When I write, it's all about the story and the feelings behind it, but never about the particular style in which it takes shape.”

The result is art in an eclectic form, with soulful compositions reflecting wounded defiance, stubborn love and hard-earned hopefulness. Her voice connects to the soul of her song writing, reminding us that there is always beauty to be found, even in the most painful experiences. That powerful personal connection is the driving force behind From the Wild Sky, Halie’s latest and most ambitious album to date. Released in April 2018, the album, produced by Troy Miller, features 10 original compositions, as well as a stunning rendition of Roberto Livi’s ‘A Mi Manera’.

“The songs on the album speak to some very meaningful, transformational moments in my life, some of which were inspired from experiencing new discoveries, love and deep loss,” Halie says. “It feels like the most risk-taking and honest art that I've ever created, reflecting my spirit and my personal story in a very revealing way.”

The participation of producer Troy Miller (Jamie Cullum, Gregory Porter, Amy Winehouse) was a dream come true for Halie, infusing his unique brand of creativity and sensitivity into bringing her story to life. With the addition of musically adventurous musicians including Femi Temowo, Michael Olatuja and Ben Williams, as well as beautiful vocal and string layers from Becca Stevens, Nathan Schram and Andrew Yee, From the Wild Sky is more like an experience than simply a collection of songs.

“Halie’s songs are some of the most pleasing and melodically beautiful I've heard,” says Miller. “So much thought and love has gone into crafting them, and I know that any listener will be left nourished in a very profound way.”

From the Wild Sky promises to weave Halie Loren’s faithful fans into her evolving tapestry, while crossing musical boundaries to forge bonds with diverse audiences worldwide as she has throughout her illustrious career. Her jazz/pop debut in 2008, They Oughta Write a Song, earned Halie an award for ‘best vocal jazz album’ in the JPF Music Awards (2009's largest independent music awards in the world, with over 42,000 album entries from 160 countries), while her original composition ‘Thirsty’, from 2010’s After Dark, was voted ‘best jazz song of the year’ in an Independent Music Awards Vox Pop poll. She was an award-winning songwriter early in her career, with songs placing at or near the top in competitions including Billboard World Song Contest, John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and myriad others.

Halie Loren’s gifted song-writing talent continued to radiate on her 2013 release, Simply Love, rising to the top of Japan’s pop and jazz charts even before its release date. The album climbed to #1 on the Billboard Jazz chart in Japan, while also reaching #1 on the Canada iTunes chart. In 2015, Halie’s Butterfly Blue became her third consecutive release to top the Billboard charts in Japan, expanding her audience reach through a work of art heralded as her most sophisticated and mature release to date.

Now, on the wings of a Kickstarter fundraising campaign, support from Halie Loren’s fans around the world have directly contributed to the release of From the Wild Sky. Her powerful connection with her fans has grown through relentless touring in the U.S., Canada, Asia, and Europe. Her music has also dazzled prestigious concert halls, including performances with the Jazz Orchestra of Sicily, the Britt Festival Orchestra in Oregon and the Monroe Symphony in Louisiana.