Intakto has performed on stages in Quebec and Canada, as well as in the United States and Japan. Whether they use four musicians and two dancers (in a performance called Amoral Tango) or only two musicians for more intimate presentations, they create the same enthusiastic reaction from the public. Intakto was created in 1995 by Chilean guitarist-singer Alejandro Venegas and local violinist, Simon Claude. While tango and Latin American music filled Alejandro's childhood, Simon, a pop and jazz lover, studied classical music.

Intakto (formerly known as Duo La Cumparsita) is the result of an encounter between a southern guitar and a northern violin. Chilean singer guitarist Alejandro Venegas shared his intimate knowledge of tango (music and songs, traditional and modern) with Simon Claude, Québec classical violinist, who brought to the group his experience as composer and jazz-rock musician. Through hard work and exchanges, they found their very own identity. From this sparkling cultural encounter and the benefits of various fertile tensions, emerged a group under its own influence: More than 150 performances in Montreal, throughout the province of Quebec and Canada, as well as in the U.S. and Japan, qualify Intakto to present a full fledge repertoire of tango mixed with Latin American traditional songs and some of their own compositions.

Every time they perform, there is a full house and many encores. And more important still: the group appeals not only to tango lovers, but also to a diversified audience from the trendy teen to the nostalgic elderly. Anyone discovering Latin American music and songs for the first time is both amazed and moved by Intakto's performance filled with emotion and humour. To the point that many cafés, clubs and small theatres where Intakto has performed have asked them to come back.