Quadro Nuevo

The passion of Quadro Nuevo has always been the tango, the Valse Musette, the Flamenco and the affectionate revival of selected film music. With their newest release Quadro Nuevo interpret the old Italian Tango and the lyrical Canzone in their very own way. This is the music of an almost lost Italy, which has been performed by charmed but already forgotten singers such as Carlo Buti, Nilla Pizzi, Begnamino Gigli and Claudio Villa. These are the songs that arouse dreamlike imaginations, which have always inspired the melancholy fantasies of the north and middle Europeans.

Extended musical journeys through Italy gave Quadro Nuevo the ideas and inspiration for this CD. During their journeys they performed their songs not only in concerts but in a really original and exciting way: as street musicians in the narrow streets and alleys of the old Mediterranean cities. The stylistic interpretation lies between European music tradition, Jazz and World Music. This is a great CD for lovers of all things Italian - or for lovers everywhere!