Teresinha Landeiro

Teresinha Landeiro can be considered one of the foremost representatives of the new Fado generation. Born and raised in Azeitão, Portugal, she first performed publicly at the age of 12. She has graced the halls of The Centro Cultural de Belém and the Teatro Capitólio in Lisbon along with international performances at the Fado festivals in Bogota, Columbia, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Seville, Spain.

You will often find Teresinha performing ate Mesa de Frades – one of the best Fado Restaurants in Lisbon. The atmosphere is absolutely stunning:  Azulejo lined ceramic (a form of Portuguese painted tin-glazed ceramic tilework from the XVII century), in the former chapel of the Quinta da Dona Rosa, a palace built by Dom João V for his mistress, Dona Rosa Damascene. The food is excellent traditional Portuguese fare and the acoustic performance with Teresinha and her guitar trio simply extraordinary

Now at the age of 24 Teresinha has just released her second album “Agora” a collaboration with renowned virtuoso guitarist Pedro de Castro, who also composed many of the melodies with Teresinha writing the majority of the lyrics. 

As Teresinha says, “We are built of experiences, of circumstances, of people... we are made of what surrounds us, we are of the World as we know it. For all this, what I was yesterday will certainly not have to be what I will be tomorrow, nor what I am Now (Agora).

It is through music that I discover myself some more. It is through singing that I tell what I am today, through the words that I dare to write, or even through the words that, even though they are not mine, I dare to sing, and they dress me in clothes of today, in clothes of Now (Agora). 

In this record, I review myself every second, in every note, in every word. I bring Fado, because it will be yesterday's, today's and forever's, but I also bring other sounds that I fell in love with because of the way they touch my heart.  After all, Fado is exactly that, about feeling and making one feel. In this Fado heart of mine there was room for a little bit of jazz and a light samba rhythm. 

Collaborating once again with musicians of exception, a trio that breathes Fado, that thrills at each beat and gives me space to be me in full. On the Portuguese guitar Pedro de Castro, on the Fado guitar André Ramos and on the bass viola Francisco Gaspar. The production was done by my dear Pedro de Castro, and there was extraordinary teamwork by all the musicians participating.”