Trudy Desmond

Trudy Desmond, who passed away in 1999, was an extraordinarily strong person, whose spirit and unflagging energy were a marvel to behold. To jazz singing, Trudy brought fresh ideas, breathing new life into old standards, making them her own.

"Trudy Desmond is... a singer who can actually sing, who understands that song, if they are any good, are about something, knows how to pick the best and do them justice, and who, best of all, is at home with the language of jazz and thus with the superb musicians that accompany her..." - Dan Morgenstern, Director / Institute for Jazz Studies, Rutgers University

"... among the recorded tributes, celebrations, and revivals during this year of George Gershwin's centennial, there are a lot of contenders. Trudy Desmond's must be among the most musically ingenious. She does all the verses; she does new treatments that freshen up even the most performed hits; she does wordless scatting on two instrumentals; and she performs all of these gems with great style and marvelous backup musicians. Definitely a one and only CD!" - Dick Hyman

"On this, her best album yet, singer Desmond offers a polished, 13 number tribute...romantic and tasteful throughout..." - Toronto Star

"Desmond's got taste - a jazz singer who can actually sing. An unparalleled stylist of impressive dramatic as well as musical depth...mesmerizing charms...Desmond is first and foremost a storyteller." - Chuck Berg - Jazz Times

"Trudy Desmond is that rare singer who comes to sing... when you listen to her, you sense her joy of singing ... my greatest praise is that I love her even when she isn't doing song of mine." - Sammy Cahn